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RND 2 - Abbott, Broderick, Kudla

Round 2 of the AMA/SRT/FASST CO Western Checkpoint Enduro Championship
Coyote Classic Qualifier - Fast'r MC
Mile Marker 11 - Wickenburg, Az - 02/16/14


The second round of the 2014 AMA WEST CHEC series traveled east to Arizona for much warmer and dustier conditions then the first round. A total of 200 riders lined up for what was to be one of the toughest enduros of the series; including epic single track, tons of cactus and even more rocks!

16-AA/Pro racers would do battle through out the day with AMRA's #1 plate holder David Broderick, who took the first test win by over 30-seconds ahead of West Chec's reigning champion Jordan Brandt. Dust played a huge factor in this test with most other riders close to 2-minutes slower. Arizona-native Destry Abbott would be one of only three riders within the 8-minute mark. Max Gerston also finished well in the first test, but ultimately suffered a DNF in the 2nd test after he lost his rear shock bolt. Gerston was joined by Brandt, who blew a head gasket in the 2nd test as well.

As the day went on the trails got tighter and tighter, and the edges became more and more dangerous with some of the "goat trails" skirting the very edge of huge mountain sides. The first test win of the second loop  went to Abbott with 3Bros KTM/Amsoil backed Ryan Kudla taking 2nd a full minute and 30 seconds back.

The 3rd loop would go to those who had conserved the most energy in the first two loops, as it would consist of the toughest trails of the day. Large boulder formations, even tighter (if possible) single track and even trickier trail navigation decorated the road that was definitely less traveled. Abbott would conquer the final two tests in normal fashion.

Abbott went on to win 6 of the 7 tests on the day taking a hard earned victory over the rest of the much younger field of racers. Broderick also put in a solid ride finishing 2nd overall just minutes off of Abbott's times. In 3rd would be Kudla, who while getting turned around in one of the tests thinking he made a wrong turn and falling off the trail in the 2nd to last test, still pushed hard to get on the podium.