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2011 has come and gone and the Western Enduro Promoters Group is moving forward, working to grow Enduro's on the West Coast and eventually create a National Enduro Series for the Western States.

2012 will be starting with a BANG -

First the WEPG has become an official AMA District 37 Sanctioned Club and will be working with the Arizona Motorcycle Racing Association (AMRA) to put on a Co-Sanctioned Event for the 2012 season

Second the WEPG has organized with District 36, District 37 and AMRA to put together an 8 race Enduro Series that spans the three regions! This is the first major step towards putting together a National Enduro Series and a big step for Enduro riding on the West Coast.

"I am very excited for the new season!" exclaimed WEPG Chairman and President Erek Kudla. "Its great to put so much work towards something and have it make a great amount of progress and keep growing in the right direction!"

Other things that the WEPG has put together for 2012:

Uniform Online Registraion and Scoring for ALL District 37 events -

With the use of the revolutionary scoring program "Moto-tally" the District 37 Enduro Series has made a huge jump into the 21st century. Not only has Brian Jahelka of Moto-tally been a HUGE help making this happen, but also the 2011 Enduro steward Joe Bianchi, the District 37 President Jerry Grabow and the 2012 Steward Ryan Kudla.

go to www.moto-tally.com/ridechec to check out the online pre-entry today!

Growing the Local District 37 Enduro Series -

There are 3 NEW events on the schedule for the 2012 series!

1. The Arizona Motorcycle Racing Date in Prescott Arizona

2. The Lost Coyotes MC point to point Qualifier

3. the VCMC 2 Day ISDE format Qualifier

Growing the Family Enduro Series -

The Family Enduro Series grew by almost 300% in just the first season going from 33 entrants in 2010 to nearly 90 entrants by the final round of 2011!

There are MANY MANY more great things on the way for the 2012 season and beyond so keep an eye out as the WEPG is serious about growing the series!


Starting in 2011, enduro riders in AMA District 37 will get a revitalized championship enduro series and a new Saturday Family Enduro (FE) series.

Enduros often take advantage of the same terrain found in other types of off road races, but use “start control” format (time keeper, qualifier, national format) to test racers ability to traverse difficult terrain and making more use of singletrack trails and tight sand washes in desert mountain ranges. Instead of flat out racing, enduro racers are often paced and challenged by some element of time in the events.Christensen hopes CHEC will expose new racers to the enduro format and provide a well-backed championship series to contend.

"Enduros, especially time keepers, can be daunting to new racers,” Christensen says, “I see very solid trail riders all over in the mountains and deserts of Southern California who have no interest in other formats of off road racing for a variety of reasons. However, they would make excellent enduro racers; they just don’t realize that there’s racing, here in Southern California that suits their style of riding waiting for them.”

One of the first improvements was the creation of www.ridechec.com, a website for CHEC. Christensen says the site will help the championship series stand out, giving existing enduro racers something they could point their sponsors and friends to, while providing new racers a place to go to get knowledge and tools to help them prepare for their first enduro.The WEPG plans to focus on the following in 2011;

· Grow ridership in current CHEC events

· Create and support a new Saturday Family Enduro Series (Family Enduro on Saturday/CHEC round on Sunday)

· Build club membership in current AMA D37 Enduro clubs

In the future, the WEPG plans to seek out new and non-typical venues for additional enduro races as well as attract promoters from outside District 37 to potentially create a larger, multi-region, series.

Riders and potential series sponsors interested in learning more about CHEC and WEPG, are encouraged to visit www.ridechec.com.

About CHEC

Checkpoint Enduro Championship (CHEC) is an AMA Disctrict-37 sanctioned 6 round motorcycle competition series in Southern California. Each round in CHEC features the best possible singletrack trails and challenging terrain to test your endurance, strategy, and technical ability. In CHEC, you only race the terrain and the clock. Enduro is the trail rider’s race format and CHEC is the trail rider’s championship!

About WEPG

The Western Enduro Promoters Group (WEPG) is a membership group of AMA District 37 Enduro clubs. WEPG’s focus is to promote and grow participation in Enduro through working together and sharing resources on promotional activities aimed at:

· Creating new enduro racers

· Strengthening participation in enduro clubs

· Adding additional competition events




The new stand-alone enduro series has been designated: Checkpoint Enduro Championship, or CHEC for short. CHEC and the new FE Series are supported by the newly formed Western Enduro Promoters Group (WEPG), a group of current AMA District 37 Enduro clubs. The WEPG was formed in order to help grow enduro competition in AMA District 37.


"We’ve always had great enduro format racing here in AMA District 37,” Says Kelly Christensen, WEPG Chairman. “However, to some the series probably seemed cobbled together and somewhat of an afterthought. I bet most motorcycle-savvy people would be surprised to know that there was even enduro racing available in D37."