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Getting Started


Welcome to the 2014 Western Checkpoint Enduro Championship (WEST CHEC)! If you are new to the series, new to enduro riding or new to riding in general THIS is the place for you!!!


There are several things you will need to do to get started with WEST CHEC.


STEP 1: Becoming a Member

First you will need to become a member of AMA and Your Local District Series (District 36, District 37, AMRA or any other AMA Sanctioned Racing Series. Out of State Competitors are Exempt )


Being part of the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) helps grow, preserve and strengthen offroad and on road motorcycle racing and riding in the United States. The AMA also provides our series with a functional and dependable resource for governing our racing series along with making affordable insurance for competition available.

For more information on the AMA go to www.americanmotorcyclist.com


Being part of the District 36/37/AMRA will ensure that you are granted access to all the resources the AMA provides along with providing accurate scoring, class placement and advancement and is an extension of the governing body of the AMA. There are 2 committees made up of riders and racers alike all members of local District 37 event promoting clubs.

for more information on District 36 go to www.ama-d36.org

for more information on District 37 go to www.district37ama.org

for more information on the Arizona Motorcycle Racing Association go to www.amraracing.com


Make sure to completely fill out each application and send along with payment to the appropriate mailing address

AMA MEMBERSHIP APP - send to American Motorcyclist Association 13515 Yarmouth Dr. Pickerington, Ohio 43147

DISTRICT 36 MEMBERSHIP APP - or CLICK HERE to sign up online.

DISTRICT 37 MEMBERSHIP APP - fill out and send to Ryan Kudla - P.O. Box 51927 Riverside, CA 92517 or CLICK HERE to sign up online.



All memberships are available at Sign-Ups at each event.


STEP 2: Entering the Event

In the 2013 WEST CHEC series there are 10 rounds - Make sure to check out the CALENDAR to see which event would best suit your location and personal schedule.


PRE ENTRY - All Enduro Events have Pre-Entry available which will save you a few dollars and can garantee you an earlier starting time. Make sure to check the date on the calendar for the chosen event to see when they will start accepting Pre-Entries.


Make sure to completely fill out the entry from and send along with payment to the appropriate mailing address

Entry Forms and Online Links will be posted several weeks prior to each event - each event has its own mailing address so make sure to check the flier for the event you're entering for the appropriate address


You can enter the weekend of ANY event. To make things a little easier download the form when posted, type your information and then print it out before you bring it to the event.


STEP 3: Prepairing your Machine

There are several requirements that ALL Motorcycles and ATVs must meet before they are able to be entered into an AMA/D36/D37/AMRA Event.


- Green Sticker/Red Sticker/License Plate/Regiatration/Out of State Permit - Availabe at your Local DMV

- Spark Arrestor - most Enduro ready bikes come with a Spark Arrestor but if you do not have one all the major exhaust manufacturers make them. They must have the official US Forest Service Stamp on the side to qualify. FMF, Pro Circuit, Pro Moto Billit are just a few of many that provide qualifing Spark Arrestors.

- 96db Sound Test - At Enduro Events ALL Motorcycles and ATV's must pass a 96 db sound test before the start of the event. Most Spark Arrestors can easily pass them if they are regularly packed and maintained. Also regular maintainence on the Motorcycle or ATV helps eliviate unnecessary sound.

EXTRAS - For an Enduro there are several Extra's which the more experienced riders Utilize. The use of these are explained in the FAQ's Section

-Roll Chart - To hold the Roll Chart with all possible checks.

- ODO - displays your mileage

- Clock - Current or Key Time

- Computer - Helps Predict possible Checks for you (not necessary with Roll Chart, Odo and Clock in use)


STEP 4: Showing up and Participating

Enduro Events run on a very tight schedule. Key Time is typically 8 am in the morning Sunday. If you are late the event WILL start without you. Moke sure to show up with plenty of time to go through sign ups (which typically open at 6am), tech inspection (to check all the requirements of your motorcycle) and to get yourself prepared for the event.


- JOIN A CLUB! - The Clubs are the back bone of the Series. They are the ones that run each event, lay out the courses, work the checks, score the riders, put out the results and are the members of the governing bodies.


Another added benefit of the club is that they are out there for their fellow rider. If a club member breaks down or gets hurt the other club members help get them out of the desert or get them to/from the hospital in case of an emergency.


After all the other steps your #1 priority should be to find a club to be a part of. Go to www.ama-d36.org , www.district37ama.org , www.amraracing.com for more information reguarding your local clubs. They each have their unique atributes, membership, locations and rider abilities so make sure to check them all out and JOIN UP!!!