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RND 3 - Brandt Takes over the Points Lead!!

Round 3 of the AMA/SRT/FASST CO Western Checkpoint Enduro Championship
Not So Tuff E-Nuff Enduro - United MC
Cougar Buttes - Lucerne Valley, Ca - 03/31/14


The AMA Western Checkpoint Enduro Championship, brought to you by SRT Offroad and Fasst Co, is now in full swing and with round 3 in the books we have seen three different victors in as many rounds. With Purvines Racing's Nick Burson and the legendary DA8 founder Destry Abbot taking the first two rounds it was time for a few more big names to step it up!

Returning to the desert of Southern California, hosted by United MC, this would mark the first of two time-keeper format enduro's. This would mean a lot of riders would have to dust off their computers and see if they still worked. "I actually run old school," said West Chec Director Erek Kudla. "and lucky me as soon as I put my odo on Friday night it didn't work... so we had to figure something out and quick." Kudla would eventually get a Pro Comp 3 (the Checkmate Predecessor) and run it as a straight odometer. Burson would have his share of issues. "I really don't even know how to do a time keeper and this would be my first time doing it on my own. I don't know what I kept doing but I burned 2 checks on the 2nd loop. It was a bummer."

One rider who would more then benefit from the format was reigning series champion, and ISDE multi-medalist Jordan Brandt. While he would garner a few emergency points on the first two loops he would enter the extremely technical third loop clean of route points and would be able to put the hammer down on the competition. "The first loop was really tough with the super high winds blowing all the markings down and being on the first row. I was doing circles a few times but was able to make all the checks, barely." said Brandt at the end of the day. Brandt would power through the technical rock sections that the Cougar Buttes staging area is known for, dropping a total of 6-points on the entire day taking both the Round 3 victory and the series overall points lead!

Finishing is a solid 2nd overall would be SRT Offroad's Kevin Murphy. Known for ironmanning the Baja 1000, hitting all the extreme races such as King of the Motos and soon to head out to Erzberg, he was right at home on the final loop only dropping 7. Combined with the 1 point he earned on the second loop he would secure his place on the podium. Finishing an astonishing 3rd overall would be B 250 racer Shawn Moore! While his first two loops would keep him just outside the top 10 a phenomenal third loop run would boost him all the way into the top 3.

FULL RESULTS HERE - http://www.moto-tally.com/d37/enduro/results.aspx/2014/4/O1/CS
Round 4 - April 12/13 2014 - Sheridan Mtn. Showdown - Campwood, Az

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