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2010 Burro Enduro



File Photo by Matt McGowen


Just days after returning to the states from a very successful race at the Baja 1000, T.O. Powersports/FASST CO/Enduro Engineering backed Ryan Kudla was looking to take top honors at the D37 Enduro Series Finale. With the overall win at the previous round Kudla had a lot of momentum going into the event but MidCities Honda's Nick Blais was ready to slow him down with both riders just points away from clinching the 2010 Enduro Championship. At this point it was anyones game!


The start of the event was anything but normal with a last minute ruling by the Bureau of Land Management deciding that "No Start may be within a 1 mile radius of the 'Rock Pile'". The 4 aces had to scramble quickly and figure out what they were going to do and decided to move both starts and a reset 1 mile out and position it so the milages and route sheet would not be effected. Once everything was up and running the event went off without a hitch.


The first loop was an amazing mix of twists and turns at speed averages that would keep everyone on their toes. One of the Enduro regulars even made some fun out of the finale..."My son and I decided to ride our ttr125s just for the fun of it" Said Magnum rider Ken Maw. "Glad I had the little bike in some of the tight spots" With almost ALL the experienced riders Zeroing the first loop it was going to be Kudla's to lose with riders such as Heavy Weight Expert Brad Pace, PK Racing/KTMs Pauls Krause, MidCities Honda's Andy Vandenberg and of course Blais all hot on his tail.


After a chilly wind all morning and a little rain on the back side of the valley riders had hoped to be greated by a sunny second loop but that was definitely not the case... "It just keeps getting colder and colder" said Kudla at the start of the second loop having his brother block him from the wind. "I should wear a jacket but once I get going I feel fine" 



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