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Round 7 of the AMA Western Checkpoint Enduro Championship
28th Annual VCMC Hungry Valley 100 Quali-Fire Enduro
Hungry Valley SVRA - Gorman, Ca - 10/27/13

Photo - www.photosbygrumpy.com
Complete Results - http://www.moto-tally.com/D37/Enduro/Results.aspx?EY=2013&EID=6&SC=O1&SV=CS

The 28th Annual Venture County MC Quali-FIRE Enduro has definitely lived up to its name being rescheduled from May due to the Grand Fire in the Los Padres National Forest. This was the 2nd time a fire had canceled or otherwise effected the event, but the rescheduled Enduro would be more then eventful with 102 ground miles laid out in Hungry Valley SVRA in the high Deserts of Southern California.

While series points leader Jordan Brandt would make the long trek south from Boulder Creek, Ca to help pound some stakes Saturday to get his series work points he would head back north to take the victory at a local D36 Enduro where he is still in the title chase. This would leave the door wide open for all competitors who fancied themselves familiar with the SVRA.

After the Anne Crawshaw Memorial "Ghost Rider Minute" of Zero the day started out strong for Nick Burson aboard his Purvines Racing Beta 498 RR with victories in the first 3 special tests ranging from less then 10 seconds to close to 2 minutes! "I used to test for Kawasaki out here back in the day as my job so I'm pretty familiar with every turn of this place." said Burson as they got ready for the last 15 mile loop. JCR Honda's Evan Kelly would stay up close until having an issue in test 4 for a a few minutes where every second would count. Checkers MC's Steven Kirk III would also stay close finishing 2nd to Burson in test 4 by only 65 seconds.

One rider who was putting on a hard charge would be Moose Racing's Michael Allen aboard his singing YZ 125. He would finish within the top 4 of almost every test including the ones that featured 5th gear tapped washes and roads as part of them. "I have more fun riding my 125 then anything else!" Allen said getting gassed up for the final loop.

The shorter course racers would have a really close race on their hands at all. Shamrocks MC's Max Christensen would take the 1 loop overall and 60+ win by 1 second over Lost Coyotes MC's Bob Koch. They would be followed by the legendary Terry Davis by only 2 more seconds! Ken Paulino would take the 2 Loop overall and 1st M50+ C by 24 minutes as the only rider to make all routes on time.

The last 2 tests of the day would be some of the most grueling, not in difficulty as with the usual Enduro, but with relentlessness. The first of which would send riders pounding 4+ miles of deep sand whoops through the mountains on the southern most side of the park. Burson would take the win again but only by 8 seconds over Allen. Kelly would come in just 2 seconds back and only 10 seconds ahead of 2 Rovers MC racers who would tie - Chance Wyllie and Brandon Krause. 

The last and final test would be the longest and most challenging, running tight ridges with puckering twists and turns at high elevations and finishing in a moto test. Burson again would take the win securing his first ever Hungry Valley Quali-Fire victory over the entire field by over 4 minutes! Scoring his best test score of the day would be the 250 A points leader Harry Lyles who had suffered a back injury early in the week. "I was just trying to get points today as my back was bothering me so bad. Injured it skate boarding and then re-injured it yanking out a front tube before the race. So I was just focusing on riding smooth all day." said Lyles who would finish 5th overall and 2nd 250 at the finish.

While the last test was not his best test finishing 6th, Allen would take a hard earned 2nd overall and 1st 200 A after holding it wide all day long. This is his best overall finish of the West Chec series and makes 3 wins in a row aboard the 125. Finishing just 30 seconds back after over 100 miles was Wyllie followed by SRT Offroad's Kevin Murphy in 4th Overall and taking 1st 30+ A. Top B honors would be taken by another Beta rider Jacob Clements finishing 6th Overall after ending his Enduo hiatus to race Grand Prixs.

Next Round - SERIES FINALE - November 10th 2013 - Valley Climbers Enduro - Stoneyford, Ca

More Info - www.ridechec.com

OVERALL: 1. Nicholas Burnson (BET); 2. Michael Allen (YAM); 3. Chance Wyllie (KTM); 4. Kevin Murphy (KTM); 5. Harry Lyles (KTM); 6. Jacob Clements (BET); 7. Benjamin Meza (KTM); 8. Ryan Smith (BET); 9. Danny Gross (YAM); 10. Frank Charolla (KAW); 11. Kelly Gelhaus (YAM); 12. Rick Lundin (YAM); 13. Cordis Brooks Jr (KTM); 14. Dalton Shirey (YAM); 15. Andrew Jolley (KTM); 16. Robert Allen (HON); 17. Garett Carlson (YAM); 18. Phil Pira (KTM); 19. Jeff Clements (BET); 20. Max Brunson (KTM);

2 LOOP OVERALL: 1. Ken Paulino (YAM); 2. Donald Preuitt (KTM); 3. Kelly Whipple (KTM); 4. Wm Thor Kissman (KTM); 5. Scott Carroll (KTM); 6. George Yates (HUS); 7. Stephen Locantore (YAM); 8. Steve True (KTM); 9. Rod Mcinnis (YAM); 10. Jerry Oman (HUS); 11. Jon Rowin (KTM);

1 LOOP OVERALL: 1. Max Christensen (YAM); 2. Robert Koch (YAM); 3. Terry Davis (KTM); 4. John Mckeehan (YAM); 5. Mike Peterson (KTM); 6. Randy Liebig (HSB); 7. Wes Anderson Jr (YAM); 8. Steven Costello (CAM); 9. Keith Jones (GAS); 10. Gregory Seda (YAM); 11. Douglas Macpherson (YAM); 12. Dennis Tooman (); 13. Roy Watson (KTM); 14. David Johnson (KTM); 15. Steven Rauen (KTM); 16. Jill Locantore (YAM); 17. Eric Watanabe (KTM); 18. Stacey Rauen (); 19. Philip Spronsen (HON); 20. William Mounts (KTM);


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