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MSR's Jordan Brandt Takes his 4th Win in 5 Rounds

Round 6 of the AMA / Flexx Bars / SRT Western Checkpoint Enduro Championship

4/21/13 - Hosted by Training Wheels MC - Red Mountain, Ca

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With a string of Enduro's all in a row over 3 weeks ISDE Gold Medalist Jordan Brandt would come out on top more times then not. Round 4 would be in Northern California where Brandt would take a 2nd overall by seconds behind Ryan Powell and Round 5 would be in Western Arizona where Brandt would take the win handily. Round 6 would return to the desert's of Southern California, a true time keeping event, where local Overall Champion Ryan Kudla had taken the win the last 3 years in a row. On top of that the rest of the local field was looking to take Brandt on.


The first loop of the day would be its usual time keeping nightmare for some riders. It would test the skill of every rider to cross the flags and get perfect 30's. Only a handful of riders would conquer this test; Jordan Brandt, Erek Kudla, Max Brunson, Bob Roberts and Max Christensen. Christensen would take the win in both the Masters Class and the 1 loop overall besting his 5th place at Round 1.


Ryan would end up burning a check by 1 minute gaining him a deflating 2 points early on leaving older brother Erek at the helm of the Kudla Racing team. "I won this race in my class last year so I came to win again" said Erek "and with my main competition, Cordis Brooks, on the minute ahead of me I always had some one to chase!" 3 Bro's KTM rider Cordis Brooks Jr. had teamed up with his dad on minute 1 and after the first loop he had gained 13 seconds, but was still well in the hunt for a good finish!



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