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2012 AMA/Flexx Bars Western Checkpoint Enduro Champions Crowned!


Congratulations Are in Order: The 2012 Standings are finally in and the winners are now ready to be crowned!

For 2013 the Top 10 AA will be considered AA riders and will only be scored based on their Overall Finish. Also make note that AMA District 36 completely DOMINATED the field even with a majority of the 2012 West Chec Events being hosted in District 37.

The Awards will be given out to Each class; 1st-3rd A, 1st B, 1st C (60+ 1st-5th, Woman A/B 1st-5th, Woman C 1st-3rd) Saturday Evening Round 1 of the 2013 WEST CHEC season! January 19th Lucerne Valley, Ca. If you need to make other arrangements please do so. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

AA - Top 10
1. Jordan Brandt - D36
2. James Ptarcinski - D36
3. Nolan Irwin - D36
4. Travis Epperson - AMRA
5. Jonathan Estes - D36
6. Kenny Pedersen - D36
7. Mason Harrison - D36
8. Mathew Henderson - D37
9. Ryan Kudla - D37
10. Ryan Powell - D36


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